Born in the scenic green hills of southern Limburg in Holland, Brigit Krans is one of several artists in generations of her creative family.  In her teens she excelled in art history and the making of elaborate drawings, which awarded her unique recognition from a local art academy.


At age 21, she decided to leave Holland in exchange for 20 years of living a rather adventurous expat life in Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Europe and North America.  Brigit painted throughout these two decades, though her primary focus was on her successful career as performing artist and as an educator specializing in dance training and movement analysis.  As a critic, she wrote performance reviews for the Goethe Institute in Indonesia and also got to know the work of many visual artists throughout Southeast Asia.  This inspired her to take up painting full-time and professionally.


In 2014 Brigit moved to Canada to sharpen her painting skills at the Montreal School of Art.  Her eagerness to learn faster and more intensely meant she continued autodidactically, developing her skills with rigorous daily practice.  This was swiftly rewarded with the acceptance of her paintings into a major exhibition in one of New England's finest landscape galleries.


Brigit's work can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States.  Most recently, she was invited to write articles for the prestigious Oil Painters of America.


  • ​Master of Arts - City University London, UK

  • Montreal Visual Art School, Canada

  • Laban Institute of Movement Studies, New York, USA  

  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, London, UK

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