Brigit is a Dutch-born American oil and watercolor painter, raised in the southern province of Limburg in Holland.  Twenty years as an expatriate have taken her from Europe to East Africa and Southeast Asia, finally to arrive in Vermont, where she lives and paints.


Creative from an early age and known for her ability to draw well, Brigit developed her interest in art by studying art history in high school.  She was just one of five students as a career in art was considered fruitless in a pragmatic Dutch society.  Brigit persevered, not deterred by judgement, and excelled in art history and drawing, for which she received special recognition from an art academy at age sixteen.


A creative all-rounder, Brigit first started with a career in the performing arts.  She studied classical voice, earning two top scholarships for opera from Turtle Bay Music School in Manhattan.  She performed in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, attended by former Secretary General Kofi Annan.  Brigit also has a long-standing career as a contemporary dancer and choreographer, underpinned by a Master's Degree from the famous Trinity Laban Conservatory in London (UK).  In addition, she is a movement analyst, certified by the Laban Institute in New York, and taught as a movement specialist alongside ballet master Loipa Araujo of the Cuban National Ballet, worked for the Association for Professional Dancers in Madrid and even contributed to the revival of Apsara dance in Cambodia.  


All the while, Brigit continued drawing, making paintings on silk and using  watercolors.  In 2014, she decided to devote herself fully to the visual arts.  After taking just one semester of watercolor and figure drawing classes at the Montreal Visual Art School in Canada, Brigit's oil landscape paintings drew the attention of the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Vermont.  They selected her landscape paintings and exhibited them in their most famous exhibition 'Land, Light, Water & Air' in 2019.  In Montreal, her watercolors were exhibited at the McClure Gallery.

Last year, Brigit was approached by the Oil Painters of America to write an article for their website.  This well-received article, 'In Light of Identity', was published in September 2020 and features several of Brigit's paintings.

The latter part of 2020 brought Brigit back to Holland (temporarily), where she spent a year working on a new body of work.  These local  landscape paintings have become desired work in the community.  She has made several commissioned paintings for private collection.

Whilst in Limburg, Brigit decided to delve deeper into the art of local painters, past and present.  This includes the landscape paintings made by her great-uncle, Jozef Franck, which began Brigit's inspiration as an artist.  Jozef made hundreds of drawings, watercolors and oils, 'archiving' the surroundings of his time.  Brigit sees his work as fundamental to her own, encouraging her to keep contributing to this personally rewarding and socially crucial practice of representational painting.


Brigit is a member of the Oil Painters of America.  Her natural affinity for painting the land, sky and water have taken her to beautiful Vermont.