Straightforward hard work, developing skills with brush, observation and full-time dedication.  No tricks or short cuts - Pure  Painting!


Brigit Krans is a full-time professional artist and painter.  Working with pen and ink, oils, or watercolors, she captures the organic textures of nature in all their glory and splendor.  Her work is often intensely serene, with vast spaces and skies, yet she will happily include the unexpected.  With awareness, a sharp intellect and keen observation, Brigit paints beyond the image, between nostalgia and current views about our earth.  She creates harmony and beauty - a tranquil moment for contemplation and simple joy.

Brigit is a member of and an author for the Oil Painters of America.  Her well-received article 'In Light of Identity' was published on 7 September, 2020.



Sketchbooks provide an insight into an artist's choices, interests and everyday practice. I use them to jot down ideas, doodle, try out more detailed work or as preparation for a painting in the studio.  Sketches are my most immediate work; a first response to what I see in front of me. It is a dialogue of intimacy between the subject and I, which becomes fused when there is unwavering attention.  

Sketches can be more precise practice or a bunch of quick pen marks to get to the essence.  They can even include written notes for studio reference or include washes of color.  In any case, sketches are not 'just' sketches, in my view.  They are the artist without the apron and easel; stripped from paraphernalia and edited exhibition choices.  

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