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Born in The Netherlands, Brigit Krans is a professional oil painter and watercolorist.  During her earlier years in the performing arts she was an educator, movement analyst and an author writing reviews for the Goethe Institute.  For twenty years, Brigit traveled extensively whilst living as an expatriate, exposing her to art from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North America and beyond.  Perhaps true to a Dutch tendency, Brigit is drawn to being in nature and painting the landscape.  Rural farm scenes, classical landscapes with cloud-laden skies, heathland and seafronts are subjects she enjoys working with but her repertoire is certainly not limited to these.


Brigit was invited to be an author for the Oil Painters of America.  Her well-received article 'In Light of Identity' was published on 7 September, 2020.  Brigit's paintings can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States.  She is a member of the American Impressionist Society and Oil Painters of America.   

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Timeless  11x14 inches   oil on canvas board


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