Whether jotting down a few pencil lines or capturing a subject in more detail, sketching is fundamental to most artists.  sketchbook is great for practice and remembering things, for trying out ideas and taking notes on subject matter.  There are several reasons why I make use of this tool.  Firstly, it is a space where I can let go and loosen up.  I always admire artists who can make a great painting with free brushwork and mark-making.  This can look deceptively easy but it requires great skill and practice.  Sketching allows me to take chances and to try a different way to lay down the essence of what's in front of me.  Secondly, it offers a platform for speed.  As I tend to be detailed, which takes time, a few quick lines depicting a chicken is a challenge but strangely often turns out to be quite convincing.

A blank sketchbook has always resulted in a bit of 'page fright', which is why I would draw on loose sheets or bits of paper, in the past.  Hence, the sketchbook below consists of an array of loose sketches rather than an exact replica of one of my sketchbooks.  Having recently overcome this, I now dare to use an actual sketchbook regardless of the odd doodle mishap.  

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