The paintings seen below have been made in Holland in 2020 and 2021, during the lockdowns. Click on an image to enlarge.

Besides landscapes, 'Painting Limburg' includes paintings and drawings made in honor of Limburg's coal mining past. The strong imagery associated with this history has played a part in most Limburgers' lives.   Everyone knows someone who worked in the mines, has books about local mines, or has at least visited the mining museums of the area.


With a few deep greens, grey, browns and blues, contrasted with areas brightened by an oil lamp, I started a series of pantings that speak of this life lived underground.  This is an ongoing body of work that will be expanded with time.

Part of this coal mine series, which can also be beautifully expressed in grey tones or black&whites, I made pencil and pen&ink drawings to portray the character of scenes I found archived  or in books.  These drawings are also an ongoing project, soon to include more work.