This oil painting is of the meandering river The Worm, in Limburg (The Netherlands). I prefer painting this scene right at the beginning of Fall, when the colors are changing. This offers the opportunity to bring in warmer tones, making the green foliage less saturated. The distant woodland on the left is the most obvious example of 'rainbow foliage', with warm yellow ochres, orange, red and umbers added to the cool blue and purple tones. A very satisfying passage to paint.

Trees feature in many landscapes and I love the challenge of painting them. They can look rather wooden (no pun intended) if not handled correctly and can easily lose their aliveness when painted too rigidly or if colors and tones are not varied enough. The same goes for the branches, which need to be portrayed loosely yet sensibly to look convincing.

This painting of The Worm was an exercise in building up layers upon layers of texture. The smooth and simple sky, as well as the pale green distant field provide a counterbalance of calmness against which the abundance of foliage can sing.